Imagine practicing everything you do on your mat: focus, strength, breath, honesty, balance; but, instead of a solo practice on the mat, you practice in direct cooperation and communication with other humans!  Welcome to AcroYoga.


This practice can lean deeply to the therapeutic side, somewhere in the neighborhood of Thai massage.  It can also go toward the acrobatic side to offer limitless new boundaries of strength, balance and trust.  Genuinely, for me, there is no better practice in trust and communication than flying, and no better practice of support and caring than basing.


Weekly Acro Classes In Pittsburgh

  • Monday evening class 6-7:15PM at Abundant Strength with me and Casey West

  • Tuesday evening class 7:30-8:30PM at Ascend with Rachel and Vahid

  • Thursday evening class 7:30-8:30PM at Ascend with Rachel and David Andrews

  • Friday night class 7:30-9PM, open jam 9-10PM at Bloomfield Yoga me and Casey West

  • Also, consider joining The Pittsburgh Acro Facebook group, which is a great way to connect and to hear about other jams and pop up acro play!


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