Slackline Yoga

A slackline is a peice of dynamic webbing, suspended between two points for the purpose of practicing balance.  Slacklining originated from within the climbing community.  Climbers used webbing (which they already had) to start training in balance.  These days there are types of webbing manufactured specifically for slacklining.


Unlike a tightrope, slacklines have dynamic stretch.  This allows them to reflect the energy of the person practicing.  If you are still and settled, so is the slackline.  If you are anxious and shaky, so is the slackline.  This reflective quality makes the slackline an incredible option for practicing asana, or yoga postures.


Slackline instruction can be great for children and adults at special events such as birthday parties and family gatherings. Feel free to contact Darcy if you have an event that you'd like to offer slacklining.

Opportunities to Slack

  • Steel City Slackers are doing great things to bring slackline events and access to Pittsburgh. They are a great resource for new and experienced slackers!

  • Every Sunday, around 2PM, slackliners and acroyogis and jugglers meet up to play in front of the Carnegie Library in Oakland.

  • Consider joining the Slackline Pittsburgh Facebook group to connect with other slackers!

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